What is a Green RV?

May 01, 2013 -- Mark Polk

What is a Green RV?

by Mark Polk, RV expert


It became apparent while attending a couple of RV trade shows recently that the RV market is heavily trending towards light-weight trailers.  This should not come as a surprise given the current direction that the automobile industry is headed, with lighter and more fuel-efficient tow vehicles.

Green Certified RVs

Many of the newest RVs being built will be given a “Green Certified” label by TRA Certification.  TRA Certification is an independent, third-party green-certifier that uses well-established consensus standards to analyze, evaluate, measure and certify RV manufacturers on energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

In an attempt to “go green”, some RV manufacturers have started building RVs to the consensus standards used in the modular and manufactured housing industries.  When an RV gets the “Certified Green” badge, TRA has certified that the manufacturer has used the proper process, materials and components to assemble a green RV.

Note: Another company involved with “green certification” for Recreation Vehicles is NTA Inc. The “NTA approved” green program is based upon recognized green practices, and award points to Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers who demonstrate stewardship in these areas.

What does a “green” RV really mean?

There are six key factors that are taken into account when building and certifying a green RV. These include:

1) Resource Efficiency

2) Energy Efficiency

3) Indoor Environmental Quality

4) Water Efficiency

5) Operation & Maintenance

6) Innovative Practices

For a better understand of what goes into building and certifying a green RV, please see TRA green certification label below:


If you are considering purchasing a “green” RV, be sure to look for the “Certified Green” label before you buy.

Happy RV Learning,
Mark Polk

RV expert Mark Polk owns RV Education 101, a North Carolina-based company that produces and sells educational videos, DVDs and E-books on how to use RVs. Mark has more than 30 years of experience in RV maintenance. He retired from the U.S. Army in 1996 as a Chief Warrant Officer Three, specializing in wheeled and track vehicle fleet maintenance operations. He and his wife, Dawn, started RV Education 101 in 1999.

Mark Polk