December 10, 2012 -- RV Trader

Geocaching is one way to make your RV experience more interesting for the whole family. This high-tech version of a scavenger hunt is a great way to practice using your navigation system. You're on the road already, so why not go ahead and have fun while you travel.

The game begins when someone chooses a place to hide a cache (pronounced like 'cash'). They then post the coordinates of the cache on a website for other people to find. At the very least, the cache will be a waterproof container holding a logbook. The logbook includes information about the cache founders, other visitors, local attractions, and even jokes or stories. Some caches are filled with trinkets for the visitor, including CDs, maps, books, or other interesting items.
The rules for playing are easy to follow:

1. Choose a cache to locate. Use your GPS to find it.

2. When you find the cache, read the log entries. Write something about yourself in the cache log.

3. If you see gifts in the cache, take one and leave behind something else for the cache.

Don't fool yourself! Geocaching is a deceptively simple game. Just because you find the correct coordinates doesn't mean you automatically find the prize. Imagine a coordinate that falls in the middle of a New York City building. The cache could be hidden anywhere within the building. Likewise, a founder may hide a cache along a cliff or high in a tree. This adds to the excitement of find your prize.

Geocaching is continuously evolving. Sometimes the items in the cache are designed to move to different caches. These are called Travel Bugs or Geocoins. Their travels are logged in different cache log books and tracked online. You can even search for night caches which can only be found at night using reflectors. Other variations include travel caches in which the cache finder must move the cache to a new location, puzzle caches which require visitors to solve a puzzle, and even webcam caches fitted with a public web cam instead of a log book.

To find a game near you, visit The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site at Here you can search for caches by zip code or state and you can post your own cache for others to find.

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