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  • Condition: Used
  • Year: 2017
  • Make: Taxa
  • Class: Travel Trailer
  • Location: staunton, VA
  • Fuel Type: NONE
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 890
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2
  • Price: $12,899

Description & Comments

Lightly used 2017 Taxa Tigermoth Trek. I've owned it for 9 months and my needs have changed, I'm looking to find a home for it that can make better use. This model weighs less than 900pds, where the new models weigh over 1200pds. This makes for better gas mileage and is towable by more vehicles.

Equipped with aggressive off road tires, it brings the ground clearance higher than most stock trucks at 12". Combined with the light weight, this'll allow you to bring the camper anywhere. Once you've reached your destination, the Tigermoth sets up in less than 5 mins and stows just as fast. These campers are built to last- every part of the camper was well thought out, quality built, well engineered, and require almost no maintenance.

The solar system was professionally installed, includes an inverter to plug in any 120w devices and is paired with 2 upgraded high end batteries for days of power off grid. Comfortably sleeps two and makes for a great camping setup no matter where you are. The Tigermoth includes a pull out kitchen, water storage and power for days, under bed storage, ceiling storage, as well as up to 200pds of roof top storage. There is space on the front deck to mount further accessories, tanks, coolers, or whatever meets your needs.

The interior is equipped with LED light systems, 2 plug-in high air flow fans, a storage shelf, and multiple mounting points to hang additional equipment. The bench pulls out into a bed that's nearly queen size. All 3 windows open and are equipped with a screen. Both doors come with bug screens if you opt to sleep with them open, or just want to enjoy the breeze and outdoor views. The pull out kitchen turns into a shelf and includes storage for supplies, a built in cutting board, 12v exterior outlet, and exterior lighting. There are mounting points strategically placed around the exterior of the camper to hang accessories, lights, awnings, or even hammocks. This model also includes a front rock shield to protect from road debris. 

Full disclosure, there are small punctures on one of the cusions. There is a pull down clip on the window that has broken, but still fully funtional. There's also a bend on the passenger side step and some light scratches on the sides. I took close up pictures to be completely transparent about it, let me know if you would like more.

I could tow the camper out to meet you within a reasonable distance if needed. Please let me know if you have any questions!

2x 100w Renogy monocrystalline solar panels
1x 20amp Renogy charge controller
1x 2000w Renogy pure sine wave inverter
2x Interstate AGM 31 series Upgraded batteries
2x Ceiling cargo nets
2x High flow fans
2x Bug screens
1x External power cord+adaptor
2x Tire stops
2x BFGOODRICH K02 off road tires
1x Sway bar
1x 1.25" Hitch+ball with secondary sway hook up ball +2" hitch adapter
1x Ball lock+Slide lock

Taxa TIGER MOTH TREK-O 5005078232
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