Sell Your RV to a Dealer with the Help of RV Trader

RV Trader, the online marketplace that connects millions of active buyers to sellers across the country, has a new, stress-free option to help you sell your RV. Instead of listing the unit yourself, sell directly to dealers looking to buy from private sellers.

It’s as Easy as...

Find a Dealer

To get started, go to the Dealer Gallery Page, scroll to your region, and browse a list of dealers looking to buy used inventory.

Describe Your RV

Select a dealer from the list and fill out information about your unit to request a quote.

Connect with a Dealer

This information goes directly to a dealer’s inbox, and they will contact you about potentially buying your RV.

By selling to a dealer, you won’t need to follow up on inquiries about your RV. Get started today with this time-saving, hassle-free way to turn your used RV into cash.

Interested in selling your RV yourself on RV Trader?

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List your unit on RV Trader’s virtual marketplace.
Listing with RV Trader is quick, easy, and secure, guaranteeing a smooth and reliable experience. Use promo code SELL25 for 25% off your listing.

What It’s Like to Sell an RV on

We’ve put together a helpful article that tells you, step by step, everything you need to know about selling an RV on RV Trader.