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Top 5 States with the Cheapest RV Fees

Top 5 States with the Cheapest RV Fees

The RV lifestyle is appealing for many reasons, but one unique benefit is the freedom to go to new and exciting places. However, if you plan to purchase a Class B camper van or other RV , it’s a good idea to consider the immediate fees of the state you chose to buy your RV in.  Since the options can be abundant, RV Trader is covering the five states with the cheapest RV fees.

1. South Dakota

South Dakota is a coveted destination for travelers of all kinds, especially those who hit the road to sightsee in their RVs. Conveniently, the state that holds one of America’s national treasures, Mount Rushmore, happens to be one of the more affordable places for RV buyers. South Dakota calculates its RV fees by weight and age, with fees starting as low as $9. You also don’t need a safety inspection to register your RV, although some people may prefer to get one anyway. 

2. Delaware

Compared to other states in the northeast region of the U.S, Delaware maintains fairly affordable RV fees. One factor to consider is the weight of your RV. Registration fees start at a moderate $40 for RVs that are 5000 pounds or less with an additional $6.40 for every 1000 pounds over. For those who have their eyes on a travel trailer for sale, this state is especially suitable. Additionally, Delaware law allows out-of-state vehicle owners a credit on a sales tax, transfer tax, or some similar levy paid to another state. 

3. Alaska

Alaska offers a cost-effective place to travel alongside awe-inspiring scenery in your RV. With Alaska’s low RV registration fee, you can rake in the savings when you buy an RV in America’s ice box. For owners of motorhomes, Alaska only requires a base fee of $100, and some RVs also qualify for permanent registration. If you plan to pick up your RV here, take the chance to enjoy the local foliage or wildlife while saving money on what you’d typically spend on recreation. 

4. Missouri 

This midwestern state offers some of the lowest RV fees across the nation. For around $32, you can purchase a 1 year registration for your new or used RV. For qualifying RV types, you have the option to cover registration for 3 years, at about $52. Plus, the 4.225% sales tax in Missouri, which is considerably lower than its neighboring states.

5. South Carolina

The state full of historic districts, sandy beaches, and strong cultural roots happens to also  have some of the cheapest RV fees in the nation. To register your vehicle in South Carolina, you’ll only pay a $40 fee for most RVs and $10 fee for camping trailers. With South Carolina being a popular location for RVing, plus the low fees, it would be a great starting point for your search.

For seasoned RVers preparing to upgrade or newcomers embarking on the RV lifestyle, buying in a state with lower RV fees can help cut down overhead costs. When you’re ready to start your journey, make sure to browse the nationwide inventory of new and used RVs on


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