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4 Tips for Preventing RV Theft

4 Tips for Preventing RV Theft

4 Tips for Preventing RV Theft

As an RV owner, you love your vehicle and the lifestyle it offers: the open road, exploring nature, and meeting a community of fellow campers. To protect your vehicle, you should take precautions against thieves who seek to break into your vehicle, steal valuable belongings, and even take off with your RV or travel trailer. However, you can rest assured that there are ways you can keep your vehicle secure. RV Trader is sharing four tips for preventing RV theft.

1. Secure Your RV

There are a number of ways you can keep your RV, travel trailer, or fifth wheel secure with physical deterrents to prevent theft. Break-ins happen when you least expect them, and when there’s an opportunity that makes it easy for a thief to steal your belongings. Take these steps to secure your RV:

  • Keep your keys on you at all times 
  • Lock your doors and windows
  • Pull the shades down
  • Leave a light on at night
  • Keep your possessions out of sight and stowed away
  • Utilize RV alarms and door codes


For more protection, install a steering wheel lock on your RV to prevent a thief from driving off by blocking their ability to make turns when attempting to steal your vehicle. You can also install a hitch lock, coupler lock, or kingpin lock on your hitch to prevent your camper from being hooked up to another vehicle.

2. Park Your RV in a Secure Place

If you’re worried about a thief breaking into your vehicle when it’s on the street or in your driveway, park your vehicle in a secure space; a locked home garage with a door code is a safe bet, especially if you have security lights or motion sensor alarms. At home, you can also keep your vehicle secure behind a locked gate in your backyard, or surrounded by other parked vehicles in your driveway or on the street.

For a longer period of time, you can consider keeping your vehicle at a storage lot with security guards, cameras, fencing, and alarms. At the campsite, don’t park your vehicle out in the open; instead, keep it out of plain sight and turn the hitch away from the direction of the road so it makes it difficult for a thief to hook up and drive off.

3. Know Your RV Neighbors

Before you plan a trip with your RV, do some research on your destination to get a better idea of how secure it may be for leaving your vehicle unattended. When you arrive at a campsite, get to know your neighbors, build trust, and communicate with them to let them know who will be using your vehicle. If someone suspicious is hanging around your RV or campsite, a fellow RVer may be able to help you out and deter a thief. It’s also a good idea to camp around more people to prevent a thief from trespassing and breaking into your unattended vehicle. And if you’ve followed tips for making your RV pet friendly, “Fido” could actually help keep your RV secure and frighten off an intruder. You could always put up a “beware of dog” sign as one extra step for security.

4. Track Your RV

Make the most of today’s technology by utilizing mobile apps to keep your RV safe from theft. Use a GPS with a tracking sensor attached to your RV to stay on top of its location. If you install a security system with cameras mounted on your RV, it may offer a mobile app with a live feed so you can keep an eye on your vehicle when you’re away. And if someone does take off with your vehicle or trailer, or belongings inside your RV, always report the theft to the police and/or a park ranger. Mobile apps with tracking features may be able to help them in their investigation and track down your RV and possessions in the event that they’re stolen.

Take precautions and follow these big four tips to help keep your RV and travel trailer secure. And before you purchase your RV, it’s a smart idea to stay alert and follow tips for avoiding scams when buying online. When you’re ready to buy your next recreational vehicle, be sure to see all the new and used nationwide listings online at


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Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

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