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FMCA: 6 Benefits of Belonging to FMCA

FMCA benefits

Adventure and community are among the most coveted aspects of the RV lifestyle, and RV Trader is committed to sharing resources to enhance the experiences of RV enthusiasts in these areas. For this, FMCA is discussing the benefits of joining the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), which has issued more than 500,000 family memberships to RVers. Many who look to the association as another source of information about all facets of RV ownership and travel.

FMCA has three levels of membership: Family membership, which is for any person who owns a qualifying RV; Associate membership, which is for any Family member who no longer owns an RV but wants to stay connected and take advantage of benefits; and Commercial membership, which is for any business that serves RV owners or the RV industry.

Over the past 59 years, FMCA has been able to add numerous great benefits for RVers to enjoy, with many included at no additional cost beyond the membership dues.

1. FMCAssist Medical Emergency & Travel Assistance Program 

One of FMCA’s current leading benefits for Family members is the FMCAssist Medical Emergency & Travel Assistance Program. Valued at $200, this program was designed with RVers in mind. FMCAssist provides you peace of mind knowing that your family, pets, RV, and car will be returned home safely if something unexpected happens to you while away from home.

2. Family RVing Magazine

Since the beginning, FMCA has offered its members a magazine – which started as a quarterly publication in 1964. Now known as Family RVing magazine, the publication offers great monthly content for RVers, covering RV maintenance and repair tips, product reviews, travel inspiration, and so much more related to the RV lifestyle. Plus, many FMCA members have had their photos showcased on the cover of the magazine. 

3. FMCA University

RV education is key to owning an RV. Whether you’re new to RVing or a veteran, there’s always something to learn. FMCA University, created by FMCA Academy, houses decades of RV know-how in an online library that consists of articles and videos in one convenient location. With 24/7 access to these materials, you can test your knowledge and earn virtual badges as you complete topics. You can become an “RVer Extraordinaire” and earn $10 off your next year of FMCA membership!

4. Advocacy

As the largest nonprofit RV association, FCMA is dedicated to helping RVers enjoy the freedom and fun of ownership. FCMA works to protect RV owners’ rights, as traveling in an RV can present unique situations. While most concerns may stem from rig size, this benefit helps alleviate any issues that may arise.

5. FMCA Campground

FMCA members are invited to stay at the member-only campground in Cincinnati, Ohio, which offers great nightly rates on full-hookup and electric-only sites. A dump station is available 24/7. Plus, the campground is pet friendly, with a large fenced-in dog park, providing your furry friends a place to stretch their legs, too! Just minutes away from Cincinnati’s major highways: Interstate 275, I-75, and I-71. Come and stay a week or stop in on your way through town for a clean, quiet, comfortable night’s stay.

6. Membership Plate

All FMCA family members receive a membership plate and a window cling when they join. FMCA members take pride in displaying their plate, making it easier to spot other FMCA members on the road or at campgrounds. The membership plates also serve as a great way to let other RVers know about FMCA, and they open the door to any conversation.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the great benefits FMCA provides to RVers. FMCA also offers a variety of discounts and savings for RV owners. To learn more about FMCA and all the benefits and discounts the association supplies RV owners, visit the FMCA website. If you’re an RV enthusiast considering FMCA membership, enter promo code TRADER18 at checkout to save $10 off your first year.

And, if you’re searching for an RV to use while you enjoy all of the benefits FCMA has to offer, browse our nationwide inventory for RV deals on


FMCA educates, equips, and empowers RV owners in their journey to creating, experiencing, and benefiting from the outdoor lifestyle they dream of and deserve. FMCA is your ally to the outdoor lifestyle you love and enjoy.


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