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5 Tips for Outfitting an RV for Roadschooling


Traveling with your family adds to the fun of RVing, but it can be challenging to plan your trips around your child’s school schedule. Take their education mobile by embracing the “roadschooling” trend. This allows you to teach your own kid while you travel, creating lesson plans for both in and out of your RV. First, you have to get your rig ready to be a classroom on wheels. RV Trader has five tips for outfitting an RV for roadschooling.

1. Think About What You Really Need

Unlike a traditional school, you likely won’t have multiple rooms for your child to learn in. This means you’ll have to make a list of the most important things they’ll need for their lessons. This will typically include a laptop/tablet, writing utensils, paper, books, and a few enrichment activities. You likely won’t need a printer, multiple monitors, and anything else that would clutter or take up unnecessary space in your RV.

2. Designate a Space for their Classroom

Most RVs don’t have the capacity to set up a full workspace for your kid. And, unless you do a custom build on your camper, you likely don’t have a designated desk area. However, you can maximize the space you already have in your RV.

A dinette would be the best choice since it’s comfortable and sturdy enough for your child to read, write, and type on while you’re moving. You can also install a fold-out desk that is mounted to the wall or inside a closet to be their workspace. That way, you can simply fold it back up so it’s out of the way at the end of each school day.

Give your kid the best view in the house by letting them work from the passenger seat of your RV. Many Class A motorhomes have large, cushioned seats that, when used with a lapdesk, make for an excellent place to study or do homework.

You can also transform your bedroom’s dresser into an RV workspace and give your child a quiet place to work. Here, your kid will be able to close the bedroom door and eliminate any distractions when you’re on the road. This works best if you have a low enough dresser. You can even remove some of the drawers to add some leg room.

If you stop your RV at a destination with nice enough weather, let them do their work outside. Your  kid can get some fresh air by setting up a folding table right outside your RV, or take advantage of any picnic tables at a campsite.

3. Get Organized

Wherever your child does their schoolwork, make sure to keep it tidy. Like any classroom, it’s easy for clutter to build up quickly, which is why organization is key. Utilize storage cubes to hold your child’s school supplies, books, and other materials. These can also keep them out of sight when your kid is finished learning for the day.

4. Add Decoration

Once you have your child’s designated school area picked out, add some decoration. Let your kid decorate the space with colorful wallpaper, posters, and even a corkboard for them to hang their artwork and good grades.

5. Equip Your RV with Internet

You certainly don’t want to rely on stopping at coffee shops and libraries for your kid to have access to Wi-Fi. You can purchase a hotspot from your cell phone provider, or use your smartphone as one, to get the internet almost anywhere.

Just keep in mind that you won’t have the same signal strength as you would using residential Wi-Fi. If your child has to video chat for school, the connection might not be strong enough for a clear picture.

While most of your child’s lessons will happen in your RV classroom, don’t forget to turn your travels into educational opportunities too. A mix of in-RV lessons and hands-on learning at historic sites and museums offers your student a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn while having fun. And, if you’re looking for an RV to take on the road with your family, browse the nationwide inventory of used and new RVs for sale on


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Arielle Patterson
Arielle Patterson

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