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FMCA: What To Consider Before Buying an RV

RV Travel is Still Taking a Hit as High Gas Prices Change Plans

6 Reasons Black Families Should Experience RV Camping

Black RV campers

More Black travelers are hitting the road for camping adventures. According to the 2022 Black Community Camping Snapshot from Kampgrounds of America (KOA), Black campers represented 8 million camping households in the U.S. in 2021, with 27% who were new to camping. That number continues to grow, especially as more Black campers embrace the RV lifestyle. 

If you haven’t camped before, you may be hesitant to jump into such a “wild” experience that’s out of your comfort zone. Since June is National Camping Month, RV Trader has put together a list of six reasons Black families should experience RV camping.

1. An RV Offers the Comforts of Home

If the thought of tent camping makes you feel confined and uncomfortable, then RV camping might be a better option. RVs, both driveable and towable, offer some of the comforts of home from anywhere on the road. 

Sleep in a bed with your own plush sheets. You can also make meals and snacks on the road and take hot showers, with the proper hookups. Even if you have a smaller Class B RV, you can add the right decor to make your rig feel like a luxury resort on wheels.

RV camping also provides a safe space to unwind and rest your head at the end of the day. 

2. Camping is a Way to Connect with Nature

Camping, even in an RV, is an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. This country is filled with picturesque landscapes and mesmerizing wildlife for you to explore and observe. Imagine taking in mountainside scenery, or the view of a shimmering lake, from your RV’s windshield. 

Connecting with nature also has several benefits, such as decreased stress and increased energy. RV camping isn’t just a way to travel, but also a chance to refresh your physical and mental well being.

3. You Can Customize Your Camping Experience

If you’re a first-time camper, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your RV camping adventure so you’re most comfortable. You can hit the road on your own schedule, going where you want whenever you want.

There are over 6,600 state parks and 423 national parks, spanning millions of miles, to choose from. While your RV allows you to drive anywhere in the country, you might feel safer and more comfortable staying closer to home on your first camping trip. Either way, you’ll have no shortage of campground options.

You can also decide what type of camping experience is best for you. Park your camper van at a state park campground, or unhitch your fifth wheel at an RV park. There are also luxury RV resorts where you can stay and take advantage of all the on-site amenities and activities.

4. There are Black-Owned Campgrounds

Camping provides a sense of community, and what better way to support this community than to stay at a Black-owned campground? Black-owned campgrounds, while not exclusively for Black campers, provide a safe and inclusive homebase for your RV.

Resources, such as BlackAndCamping, feature listings of Black-owned campgrounds across the U.S. Some of these campgrounds even offer outdoor activities to enjoy on your own, with your family and friends, or with the other campers.

5. Learn Black History at National Parks

Black history is American history, and this history can be uncovered throughout the country. Our national parks are filled with significant, and often little-told, stories of Black Americans’ history and culture.

Visit the site where the first documented Africans arrived to the colony of Virginia, which is now Historic Jamestowne. Learn about the oldest and only remaining Black settlement west of the Mississippi River at Nicodemus Historical Site in Kansas. New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park celebrates the Black Americans who transformed music and culture.

Any of these historical sites would make great destinations or pit stops along your RV camping adventures.

6. There are Online Communities to Answer Your Questions

If you’re still unsure about whether or not RV camping is right for you, get advice from more experienced Black campers. Utilize online forums and Facebook groups to meet like-minded people. There you can ask questions from a community who understands your concerns.

Before you load up your camper, it might help to see someone else’s experience first. Social media content creators document their RV camping adventures, sharing the best and worst destinations, campsites, activities, and more.

There are also programs like Melanated Campout and Outdoor Afro that promote the outdoors through inclusive experiences for Black campers. If you aren’t ready to camp on your own, these organizations are led by knowledgeable Black outdoor enthusiasts who are ready to guide you.

The great outdoors grants you access to some of the most breathtaking vistas and memorable experiences. However, a lack of inclusion and diversity in the industry may have you hesitant to hit the trails. RVing is an excellent way to ease into camping, so you can enjoy the comforts of home while experiencing some of America’s beautiful and historical sites.

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Arielle Patterson
Arielle Patterson

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