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6 Quick RV Makeover Tips

RV makeover

Life on the road is an exciting adventure, especially when you can settle in one place for a few days or more. Your destination’s scenery may even inspire you to makeover your motorhome or travel trailer. No matter where you take your home away from home, add some flair and cozy touches with RV Trader’s six quick RV makeover tips.

1. Plant a Garden

You’ll find a lot of makeshift gardens in RV parks. In addition to flowers, a number of colorful vegetables thrive here, such as peppers, tomatoes, and beans. Don’t know how long you’ll stay? Plant in containers so when you’re ready to move on, just take your garden with you. Styrofoam ice chests make great travel planters. Having a portable garden also makes it easier to eat healthy on the road. Instead of pulling into the next fast-food restaurant, grab a few tomatoes off the vine.

2. Repair or Refresh Outdated Parts

Make your RV as fresh as your garden. Do you need new windows or tires? When was the last time you painted, cleaned windows, or inspected the steps that lead into the trailer? Safety is everything, and rotted or rusted steps and light fixtures can be dangerous. 

You can also breathe new life into an old camper by adding new cabinets and appliances. Add shelves for more storage space so you can declutter your living areas.

3. Replace Worn Flooring

If your RV is an older model, chances are your linoleum flooring is dingy and ripped. Replace it with new vinyl flooring, tile or laminates for a fresher look. Before tearing out your RV’s old flooring, beware: linoleum flooring often contains formaldehyde. 

Formaldehyde is an odorous, colorless gas used in building materials and household products. If you do start to feel nauseous, or if your eyes and throat are irritated, open your camper’s windows and doors to release the gas.

While we’re talking about flooring, take some time to assess the condition of your carpeting. You can replace the carpeting or install tile, stone, or laminate that are easy to mop to avoid mold. Uncarpeted surfaces are easy to maintain, especially if you spend a lot of time at the beach or in the woods.

4. Add New Upholstery

Toss out your old, moveable furniture for something new. Now is your chance to match your driver and passenger seats to the rest of your decor. Revive old chairs and couches with new upholstery. Shop around to get various quotes or sew the pieces yourself. 

5. Freshen Up the Walls

Instead of repainting, consider wallpaper or wood paneling. Wainscot is half-height paneling, usually in wood, but there are plenty of options to bring a classic look to the inside of your RV. With no hard and fast decorating rules in mind, you can alternate between paint and wallpaper at the top areas of the wainscoting.  Keep in mind that RV wallpaper is NOT the same kind that you see in houses, so choose carefully.

6. Hang Curtains

Indoor curtains can really transform an RV into a proper home. Whether you make your own drapery or buy it from a store, be sure to measure all windows carefully to determine the type of hardware you can use. When it comes to availability in recreational vehicles, there is no one-size-fits-all.

Your RV is more than just a camper, it’s your home away from home. Make it as comfortable as possible with these quick makeover tips. Don’t forget to add throw pillows, oil diffusers, and other comforting touches that can turn your RV into a romantic getaway. And, if you’re ready to find your next home on wheels, browse the nationwide inventory of new and used RVs for sale on



Paul Colbert is a travel blogger and nature enthusiast. He loves exploring new places and new ways to enjoy the outdoors – knowing that he can return to the comfort of his portable home.


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