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6 Tips for Turning Your RV into a Romantic Getaway

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Valentine’s Day is typically filled with boxes of chocolates, bouquets of roses, and candlelit dinners at crowded restaurants, but why not surprise your loved one with something less predictable? Put the traditional Valentine’s Day in the rearview mirror and show your partner you care with a romantic getaway in your RV. Spending some alone time with the person you love is even better when you can do it from anywhere in the country, while still enjoying the comforts of home. Set the mood this Valentine’s Day with RV Trader’s six tips for turning your RV into a romantic getaway.

1. Choose a Destination

Whether you’re planning a date at a restaurant or in your fifth wheel, it’s all about location. Think about where you and your loved one should spend your romantic getaway. Do you prefer secluded, wooded campgrounds? What about a waterfront view of a sparkling lake or ocean? There’s nothing like catching a shooting star over the mountain range. However, sunset in a desert canyon can be especially breathtaking.

Wherever your destination is, the backdrop of a scenic vista can help set the mood for your getaway. Need some suggestions? We previously wrote about the most romantic RV parks to visit this Valentine’s Day.

2. Decorate the Space

Your RV’s interior is likely already decorated to feel at home. Switch things up a bit and deck out your camper with some romantic touches. Greet your partner as soon as they walk in with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Even in a large Class A RV, your space can feel cramped with too many extra items. Swap out a few accent pieces, such as throw pillows and blankets, for soft, velvety textures. Add photos of the two of you to picture frames, or use images of some of your favorite RV adventures together. Changing up the decor not only gives you a chance to incorporate more intimate elements, but it can also make your camper feel like a new space.

3. Create Mood Lighting 

RVs aren’t typically known for having the best lighting, especially once the sun goes down. Instead of your unit’s harsh, bright white lights, consider options that are lower and warmer. Use scarves to cover lighting fixtures if you don’t have a dimmer. Create an amorous environment with flickering LED candles or twinkling holiday lights.

4. Get the Right Scent

Of course you want your RV to look the part on Valentine’s Day, but what about its smell? Whether you live in your camper full-time or you’re a weekend warrior, it doesn’t take much for your RV to develop stale or unpleasant smells. Before your getaway, make sure you clean the refrigerator of old food, take out the trash, and empty your wastewater tanks

While candles can fill a room with fragrance, they aren’t the safest option for your rolling home. Instead, try wax warmers or oil diffusers that come in a variety of long-lasting scents without using an open flame. Bright florals are always a popular choice, but sweet fragrances and musky scents can also be very tranquil and romantic.

5. Create a Playlist

Whether you’re planning a romantic picnic or you and your loved one are going to cozy up by the campfire, create a playlist to complement your getaway. It could be the first song you danced to together, or selections from an artist/group you both love. Add your favorite love songs to play through your RV’s sound system or a bluetooth speaker. You can even start setting the tone for your getaway by listening to this playlist as you drive to your destination.

6. Bring the Romance Outdoors

Your romantic RV experience isn’t just limited to the spaces inside your camper. Being outside is a great way to connect to nature and each other.

Prepare a romantic dinner for two on the grill instead of inside your RV. Grab a couple of chairs and blankets to eat around the campfire. Dance in the glow of the awning lights. Then, end your night under the glittering stars, which is the ultimate romantic mood lighting.

This Valentine’s Day, think outside of the box and celebrate in your home away from home. By following these tips, you can transform your family-friendly camper into an adults-only romantic retreat. Check out our previous article on Valentine’s Day date night ideas for RVers for more inspiration.

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Arielle Patterson
Arielle Patterson

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