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5 Ways to Sell Your RV Fast

10 Tips for Backing Into a Campsite

10 Tips for Backing Into a Campsite

Backing In Your RV

When you’ve finally arrived at the RV park, backing in your vehicle can be tricky, especially if you’re learning for the first time. While some campsites have simple pull-throughs for RVs, many campgrounds and parks will require you to back in. Learning how to back in smoothly is part of being an RV owner, especially if you want to avoid damaging your vehicle! Luckily, with a little help and some practice, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Here are 10 tips from RV Trader for backing into a campsite.

1. Take a Look at Your Campsite

Before you back in, take a close look at your campsite and check for any possible hazards or obstacles you may encounter. Check for any ditches, potholes, slopes, or mounds. You want your RV to be on level ground and close enough to your hookups, which will determine exactly where you want to park your RV.

2. Have Someone Spot You

Whether it’s a family member, friend, fellow camper, or park ranger, have someone stand near where you want to back in, but where you can still see and/or hear them. Once in place, they can carefully direct you as you back in and help keep you away from any obstacles.

3. Use as Much Space as You Can

As you back in, don’t be afraid to let your towing vehicle utilize all of the space available. Position the driver’s side of your towing vehicle near the edge of your camping space, giving you more area to make a cut with the wheel as you reverse. When you back in, keep the area where you want to park your RV within sight of the driver’s side so you can see as you reverse.

4. Let Your Vehicle Guide You

Keep your windows down so you can communicate with your spotter. Look at your mirrors to guide you as you back in so you can focus on steering and getting the RV in a straight line. Keep your RV’s tires in sight in your mirror.

5. Use the Bottom of the Steering Wheel

Keep your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel as you direct your RV back into the campsite. This will help you easily control, pivot, and turn your vehicle. Turn the wheel when your spotter directs you.

6. Cut the Steering Wheel

When you’re ready, cut the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the campsite and reverse slowly while you listen to your spotter. As your towing vehicle swings, the RV will move into the direction of your campsite.

7. Straighten Up with an S-Turn

When your RV is at your campsite, turn the wheel towards your site in the direction of the RV and straighten your vehicles; this motion is known as the “S-Turn.” Be cautious and slow; you may need to try this several times to line up and get your RV exactly where you want it to be.

8. Check the Location

Get out and see if your RV is in the right spot. Ensure the space surrounding it is clear so your slides can fold out, your cords and water hoses will reach plug-ins, and you can set up camp comfortably by your RV.

9. Ensure Your RV is Level and Stable

Your RV might have auto-leveling that will adjust your hydraulics. If not, you can use a bubble level, leveling blocks, and/or leveling jacks. Use wheel chocks to stabilize your trailer if it doesn’t have parking brakes. If you don’t have automatic stabilizing features, you can use a stabilizer jack that extends from the frame of the RV to the ground to keep it in place; use multiple jacks to evenly distribute the vehicle’s weight.

10. Unhitch and Set Up Camp

When everything is in place, level, and stable, you can unhitch your RV, connect your hookups, and set up camp.

Conclusion: Backing into your campsite can be a challenge and may take several attempts. With some practice and patience, you’ll learn how to back in smoothly with more confidence like an RV expert. If you’re looking to buy your next RV, check out a selection of new and used vehicles for sale on!


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Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

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