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5 Ways to Sell Your RV Fast

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7 Activities to Share with Your Pet at RV Parks

RV Camping with Your Pet

A camping getaway in your new or used RV isn’t just fun for you and your friends and family—it’s an adventure for your pets too! With parks situated near open fields, woodlands, mountains, and water, camping provides an endless playground for you and your four-legged friends. Some RV destinations are even dedicated exclusively to dogs and cats, with activities suited just for them. With proper planning and preparation, camping with your pet can create some of your favorite memories. Here are RV Trader’s top seven activities for pets at RV parks, plus advice for proper pet campground etiquette.

1. Hiking

Many RV campgrounds are near national and state parks with hiking trails. This is a chance for you to take your pet out on a leash and explore new territory, whether that’s a leafy forest, rocky hillside, or rugged desert. Make sure in advance that the park you’re visiting is pet-friendly by checking their website or calling to learn about their pet policies. 

2. Swimming

Take your pup for a swim at RV parks located near water. Bring floating toys and play in shallow water or put on a life jacket onto your pet and go for a dip in the deep end. A doggy paddle is great exercise and will tire out your water-loving dog for when it’s time to relax in the RV.

3. Completing Agility Courses

Let your pet run, jump, and climb over obstacles in an agility course at an RV park. Several campgrounds, such as Lake George RV Park in New York, have their own agility courses for off-leash dogs to stay active. If you’re staying at an RV campground with open space, you can also create your own obstacle course using trees as weave poles, stumps as hurdles, and picnic tables as tunnels. Just be sure to respect fellow campers if you’re sharing that open space.

4. Visiting a Dog Park

Pet-friendly RV campgrounds often have enclosed parks where your dog can run free, play fetch, and meet fellow furry friends. Bring a ball and treats, and your dog is sure to have fun. While you may be allowed to take your dog off its leash, only do so if your dog is trained to immediately return to you when called. Be sure to keep a close watch on your pet when it meets new dogs and new people.

5. Booking a Dog Spa Appointment

A dog spa? That’s right, at some RV parks, you can pamper your pooch with a spa treatment right at the campground. In North Carolina, 4 Paws Kingdom provides a doggy bathhouse and grooming station for you to clean and care for your pet. Or, if your pet is anxious about being touched by strangers, help them relax and refresh by grooming and massaging them yourself in the RV.

6. Participating in Water Sports

Let your pet join you in a large canoe as you paddle and go fishing. With some practice and balance, your pet could also be trained to cruise across the water on a stand up paddle board. Whatever water activity you choose, don’t forget to strap a life jacket to your pet in case they decide to go overboard for a swim.

7. Having a Pet Picnic

Grab a blanket and a basket with food, water, and treats to enjoy an afternoon picnic with your pet. At night, build a campfire—while your pet is on a leash—and have a cookout, sharing snacks with your pet while you both gaze at the stars.

Pet Etiquette at RV Parks

There’s so much fun to share with your four legged friends at RV parks, but you should always remember to practice proper pet etiquette (or, should we say, “petiquette”). By being considerate of other RVers, you and your pet will be happy campers.

  • Contact the RV park to make sure they allow pets and see what their rules are regarding pets.
  • Have your vaccination records on hand, and be sure your pet is wearing a collar with updated tags that include your contact info. You should also consider having your pet microchipped.
  • Protect your pet and other pets with flea and tick medication.
  • Bring waste bags or a litter box and pick up after your pet when they relieve themself; designate an area away from other campers where it’s ok for your pet to relieve themself.
  • Keep your pet on a leash. With dogs, don’t let them approach, bark at, or disturb other animals.
  • Ask fellow campers for approval before you and your dog approach them. Similarly, ask fellow pet owners for approval before you pet their animal.
  • Keep your pet with you. Dogs that are left alone often get anxious and bark, whine, and disturb others.
  • Practice your commands and have your pet sit calmly when another person walks by. Definitely don’t let them jump onto other campers.
  • Bring food-stuffed toys to keep your dog busy.
  • Keep the noise down with your pet and be respectful of quiet hours.
  • When using a dog park, agility course, or specific area designated for pets, keep track of time and be considerate in case another pet owner would like to use the space for their pet.


Conclusion: RV parks have lots of fun activities that let you and your pet play and unwind outside at the campsite. By following proper RV etiquette, you’re bound to have a good time exploring the great outdoors with your pets. For more tips on RVing with pets, including articles, videos, and more, check out RV Trader’s Pet Resource Page. And if you’re ready to find your next RV to share with a pet, browse all of the new RVs, and used RVs too, available for-sale on our nationwide marketplace


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Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

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