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5 Ways to Sell Your RV Fast

10 Tips for Backing Into a Campsite

13 RV Camping Superstitions

13 RV Camping Superstitions

Halloween is almost here, and it’s a bewitching time to take your RV out for an adventure. While fall is a fitting time to explore in your vehicle and enjoy outdoor activities, camping around Halloween can be a thrilling and spooky experience. In the spirit of the season, RV Trader is sharing 13 strange, silly, and scary superstitions observed by RV campers.

1. Do-Good Decorations

Personalizing your RV to make it feel just as bright and cheery as home can create a positive aura that wards off bad energies and evil spirits during this time of year. Jack-o’-lanterns, autumn leaf wreaths, lights, and other seasonal decorations can create the perfect vibes for Halloween camping.

2. Beware of Trespassing

According to generally-accepted rules of campground etiquette, you should never venture into someone else’s camping space unless you’re invited, even to quickly cut through as a shortcut. Not only is it considered rude, but you also don’t know what kind of bad luck or curses they’ve brought into their camp site.

3. Leave Your Shoes Outside

When camping, you don’t want to track unwanted things into the RV, whether it’s mud, dirt, sand, or bad luck. Leave your dirty shoes or hiking boots outside your RV when you camp to ensure both cleanliness and good fortune.

4. Bad Moon Rising

There are a couple of camping superstitions when it comes to a full moon rising. One says it’s unlucky to sleep in the light of a full moon, while another says you should never wander away into the night during a full moon for fear of werewolves.

5. Knock On Wood

Ancient pagan cultures believed spirits and sprites lived in trees, so knocking on tree trunks would awaken those entities. It was believed that well-intentioned sprites would then give you protection while the knocking would scare away the more evil spirits.

6. Don’t Steal the Stone

When you’re hiking, it’s good luck to pick up a small stone and carry it with you from the beginning to end of your hike. But don’t forget to drop the rock when you’ve reached your destination. “Stealing” the stone from the trail is said to curse you with bad luck that could result in your doom if you ever return to the trail.

7. Be Careful with Cairns

In another belief about rocks, cairns are stacks of stones set up along hiking trails, with the largest rock at the bottom and gradually decreasing in size to the top of the stack. Cairns can help guide you in the right direction when you hike. Spiritually they represent balance, so be careful not to knock them over! 

8. Be Considerate with Crickets

You probably squish away any bugs you find in your RV, but think twice if you spot a cricket. These insects are considered to be good luck, so letting crickets stick around could help guarantee a positive RV trip.

9. Spellbinding Spiders

Sticking with the creepy crawly theme, some believe that when a spider falls into a flame it indicates that a witch must be nearby. Another folk tale says that when a spider is close, it means a loved one is watching over you with a net of protection from misfortune, just as a spider’s web traps insects.

10. Bad Blood with Bats

If you’re camping near a cave or forest, you might see a bat flapping its wings come nightfall. Some say that seeing a bat means a witch is closing in, while other folklore ties bloodsucking bats to legends about vampires.

11. The RV Wave

When you drive down the road or set up camp, you’ll see fellow RVers wave to each other. Consider yourself part of the club and make sure you wave back. It’s the polite thing to do and brings good luck your way while traveling and camping.

12. Crossroads

While there are several haunted roads that will give you the creeps, crossroad intersections are thought to represent connections between the realms of the living and the dead. Stopping at a crossroad around Halloween might summon a fortune-telling spirit. At the very least this spirit might even give some helpful directions for lost souls.

13. Ceremonial Drink

Once the campsite is set up, many RVers mark the occasion with a ceremonial drink. It’s a moment to appreciate your good fortune in reaching your destination, acknowledge the hospitality of the surrounding nature, and give thanks for the time spent with friends and family.

Conclusion: With so many superstitions and spooky destinations, camping with your RV for Halloween is a fun way to spend the holiday. To find the right RV for the occasion, be sure to check out new and used vehicles on


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Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

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