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FMCA: The Benefits of Joining an RV Club

FMCA: The Benefits of Joining an RV Club

Whether you are new to the RV world or have been RVing for a while, at some point you may ask yourself, “Should I join an RV club?” As a consumer, you also may have wondered, “What will I get in return?” These are great questions, so RV Trader reached out to FMCA to break down all the benefits of joining an RV club.

Built-In Benefits

It’s human nature—if we are spending our hard-earned money, we enjoy getting more bang for our buck, including incentives and free stuff. Along those lines, RV clubs usually offer specials that are included in your annual membership dues. For example, FMCA automatically enrolls you in an emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage plan. This plan was established to provide RVers peace of mind while out enjoying the open road. We all know that the unexpected can happen, and this plan helps cover those worries. If accidents, injuries, or worse were to occur while you’re traveling, a worldwide coverage plan ensures that you, your family, cat or dog, RV, and car will be returned home safely.

Savings & Discounts

RV clubs have an advantage with membership numbers. With a large membership base, they are able to receive group rate discounts from companies. If you join an RV club, these discounts can be passed along to you! Most of them are for top-dollar items such as RV, home, and auto insurance; roadside assistance; major savings on name-brand tires; internet access deals for on the go; overnight stays at campgrounds; and fuel savings, just to mention a few.

RV Support Systems

Another benefit of belonging to an RV club is having access to a large support system for RVers. That support network is usually made up of RV dealers, RV repair shops, RV manufacturers, well-known RV advocates, and so much more. Plus, RV clubs make it easy for you to connect to your RV community. These support systems are very valuable to an RV owner, because they create awareness and confidence in the expertise, products, and services being offered. Along with these great resources, most of them will also offer group-rate club discounts!

Community & Involvement

RV clubs provide a great opportunity for owners and enthusiasts to gather and socialize with other like-minded RVers. One way of getting involved is by joining a chapter based on shared hobbies and interests, RV types, RV brands, or even general geographic location. Another way to become involved in the RV community is by attending a group’s conventions or rallies, whether national, regional, or local. These are attended by RVers of all types who are ready to socialize, seek educational opportunities, talk shop, and simply have a great time. Of course, we can’t always meet up in person, so RV clubs offer online forum platforms, social media pages, and blogs that allow you to interact or simply read about RV-related adventures.

Information & Advocacy

Education for RV owners is imperative. Whether it is basic RV owner knowledge or in-depth DIY repair and upgrade guidance, information is readily available when you join an RV club. By offering a wealth of knowledge, RV clubs help keep you up-to-date on what is happening in the RV world. This information is provided through many different outlets, like monthly magazines, e-newsletters, blogs, social media, educational opportunities, club-owned apps, and advocacy channels.

Conclusion: As this is just a high-level overview of what RV clubs offer, we encourage you, the consumer, to do your own research. Call around, ask questions, seek out social media sites, and speak with club members and paid employees. Do your due diligence. Most importantly, keep in mind that the RV club you choose should be your ally to navigating the RV world with confidence.



FMCA educates, equips, and empowers RV owners in their journey to creating, experiencing, and benefiting from the outdoor lifestyle they dream of and deserve. FMCA is your ally to the outdoor lifestyle you love and enjoy.


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