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5 Ways to Sell Your RV Fast

10 Tips for Backing Into a Campsite

Tips for Planning an RV Trip


Ready to take a memorable trip in your RV? Whether you’re thinking of traveling cross-country or looking for a shorter getaway, RVs let you travel in comfort and at your own pace while staying at beautiful and exciting locations. However, the perfect RV trip requires the right planning. Before you set out, RV Trader has put together a full list of tips for you to plan your next extraordinary roadtrip.

Set Your Destination

  • Figure out your budget so you know what you can afford, where you can go, and for how long.
  • If you’re planning to stay at RV parks and campgrounds, reserve your spot well in advance because campgrounds can get booked up quickly.
  • Map out your destinations so you’ll be ready to find your way down the road and around national parks.
  • Do some research ahead of time about places of interest you may visit. Knowing a landmark’s history and importance can give you a greater appreciation for the attraction or location.
  • Add some variety to your longer trips to keep things interesting. This means setting aside time to see spontaneous roadside attractions or discover other surprises along the way.
  • Plan leisurely outdoor activities, along with time to regroup and rest, so you’re not overwhelmed when traveling.

Know What to Bring

  • When you’ve got activities in mind, pack accordingly. What apparel, gear, or equipment will you need for specific outdoor events, such as hiking, biking, boating, or fishing? What camping gear will you need? Will you be attending a special event that requires you to dress up?
  • Consider what to wear based on the weather. Will there be rain or snow, will it be hot or cold? Dress appropriately.
  • Pack light. Keeping packing simple provides less stress, is better for fuel economy since it puts less weight on your RV, and leaves you room for other items you may pick up along the way, such as souvenirs, shopping items, food, and so on.
  • Prep your food for when you’re on the go, whether it’s for a cookout or campfire snacks. Pack healthy food so you’re not uncomfortable while you’re on your trip. Bring some non-perishable food items so your meals don’t spoil. This also saves money in between those big meals or dining destinations you’re savoring.
  • If you’re bringing your pet, be aware of everything they will need. This includes food, waste bags, a leash, harness, bedding, a crate, toys, medications, and so on. Check out our checklist for RVing with pets.
  • If you’re spending hours in one place in your RV, plan for a rainy day by bringing boardgames or card games and stocking up on snacks/refreshments. When it’s nice out, bring outdoor games to play.
  • Just as important as what you’re bringing, make sure you stay on top of what you’re leaving behind on longer trips. You may have some responsibilities such as pets, houseplants, or mail/bills you may need to take care of or arrange for their care before you leave.

Get Your Digital Devices Ready

California National Park RV Trip on Roadtrippers

  • We recommend downloading the Roadtrippers app so you can find millions of unique points of interest, from roadside diners and attractions to national parks and hotels. With both a free and Plus version of the app, Roadtrippers lets you plan your trip and share it with your friends through their website Conveniently, all of your saved destinations automatically sync to other devices. Check out our previous article to find more excellent apps for RVers.
  • Put together an epic playlist. Music sets the mood and keeps you going as you drive or relax in your RV.
  • Download maps, music, and any other apps to your devices in advance so you can access them offline in case you’re traveling to remote destinations where you won’t have cellular service.
  • Give yourself time to unplug offline. This way you can enjoy your trip for all it has to offer, plus, you can keep your devices charged for when you need them most.

Be Informed and Keep Others Informed

  • Communicate with those you may be visiting and with those working at destinations with specific hours of operation.
  • Things can change quickly with travel, so you may want to share with family where you’re going with dates, times, and phone numbers at locations.
  • If you’ve left your home, pets, or other property for someone else to look after, check in with caretakers routinely to make sure everything is okay.
  • Know your regulations by state, including specific driving laws, such as handless cellphone usage (always remember to keep your eyes on the road, not your phone).
  • For specific destinations, know what regulations are in place, such as where you can park your RV and whether it’s pet-friendly.

Ensure Your RV is Ready

  • Before you set out on your trip, your RV should be in full working order. This includes performing routine RV maintenance, fixing any damaged or malfunctioning parts, ensuring your inspection is up to date, and your insurance is in place.
  • Have your supplies in order for roadside maintenance, or keep roadside assistance information ready.
  • Keep a checklist for what to inspect and what needs maintenance. Check up on your RV when you fuel up or pull over for dining, scenery, or attractions.

Prepare for the Open Road

  • Give yourself plenty of time between destinations and plan ahead for mishaps. This includes traffic, accidents on the road, road closures, inclement weather, or a flat tire.
  • Fuel up at gasoline exits with multiple stations, they often have competitive, lower prices.
  • Use cruise control when you can. This helps with fuel consumption and gives yourself a bit of a break on long trips.


Conclusion: Finally, one last trip tip—enjoy yourself! This is your RV adventure, make it amazing! And if you’re looking for the right RV for a roadtrip, be sure to visit the marketplace on for new and used vehicles for your journey.


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Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

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