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How RV One Plans To Impress Buyers at America’s Largest RV Show

How RV One Plans To Impress Buyers at America’s Largest RV Show

Every year, thousands of RVers head to Hershey, Pennsylvania for America’s Largest RV Show, excited to see the latest and greatest of what RV manufacturers, dealers, and other suppliers have to offer. This year’s show is being held September 15th through the 20th, and promises to be a thrilling comeback for a show that had to cancel in 2020 due to COVID-19. The pandemic also saw a huge spike in RV sales, adding further momentum to the upcoming show.

We wanted to know how dealers were planning to take full advantage of the Hershey RV Show, so we connected with RV One Superstores, who have several dealerships as part of parent RV group, RV Retailer. For eight consecutive years, RV Retailer has been named the largest motorhome dealer in the world. RV Retailer’s extensive reach and buying power in the market enables their over 70 dealerships to meet their commitment to taking care of buyers by providing the highest possible value for their money. Here’s how RV One plans to impress buyers at America’s Largest RV Show.

RV One Will Be In Multiple Locations

One way to be seen by attendees is to be everywhere at once, and that’s what RV One seems to be trying to accomplish. They have three locations, showcasing Entegra Motorhomes in space A9, Newmar rigs in space D2, and Redwood fifth wheels in space A5.

RV One Will Offer Exclusive Show Specials

It’s not an RV show without dealers offering special incentives, and RV One is ready to wow attendees. Here’s what they’ll be offering at the Hershey RV show: 

  • A large selection of America’s favorite brands,
  • Price Lock Guarantee on all new units ordered at the show,
  • RV Complete VIP membership with every RV purchase,
  • Special RV Show interest rates for buyers, and
  • Top-dollar trade-in values.

Those are some pretty sweet offerings, so let’s dive deeper into a few of them.

RV One Price Lock Guarantee

Some dealers will give you an initial quote, but when it’s time to sign and pay, they say the cost has gone up due to rising material costs, fuel prices, and delivery expenses. Sure, those things can happen, but it’s never a pleasant realization. RV One ensures that surprise cost changes are never an issue when you buy from them. RV One locks in the price of your RV on the day it’s ordered. If prices go up between then and the delivery date, the dealership absorbs those costs instead of passing them onto you. That’s what we’d call a strong commitment to buyers.

RV Complete VIP Membership

Everyone that buys an RV from RV One will receive RV Complete VIP Membership. This program provides members with exclusive protection for their RV. The all-inclusive benefits can be accessed through a mobile app on your smartphone. RV Complete VIP Membership includes:

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Technical Assistance
  • Lockout Assistance
  • Windshield Repair
  • Paintless Dent Repair

RV Complete VIP Membership also lets you:

  • Schedule RV Maintenance
  • Contact the Dealership with Questions
  • Find RV Campgrounds, Parks, and Resorts
  • Access the RV LIFE Pro suite of tools, including RV Trip Wizard, RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds App, and Maintain My RV.

Trade-In Top Dollar

Lots of dealers accept trade-ins, but if the rig you’re selling doesn’t happen to be in-demand in the dealership’s market, they can’t give you top dollar. Fortunately, RV One covers a vast market that dramatically increases the odds that your trade-in will be in-demand somewhere. Their larger geographical footprint in the market gives RV One the ability to give you the best and most fair price possible when trading in an RV.

Schedule Your Private Appointment

Clearly, RV One is revved up and ready for America’s Largest RV Show. If you’re headed to the Hershey RV Show and want to learn more about buying from their dealership, pre-schedule a private appointment with one of their knowledgeable and friendly associates. And if you’re not headed to the show, browse RV One’s online listings on


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How RV One Plans To Impress Buyers at America’s Largest RV Show

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