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On the fence about selling your used RV? You’ve come to the right place! Before you put up a listing on RV Trader, where it’ll be available to millions of shoppers, you’ll want to feel confident knowing that the time is right to sell. 

Here are a few signs that it might be time to sell your RV: 

You’re Ready for an Upgrade

Do you love your RV, but notice it’s getting a little rough around the edges? It might be time to upgrade the unit you currently own. New and improved models are coming out yearly, so you can still have the same type of RV you know and love but with modern upgrades and advanced features. 

It’s Time to Change RV Type

Changing RV type is more common than you might think. For example, you might start off your RV journey with a pop-up camper and want to upgrade to a full travel trailer in the future. There are a variety of reasons to change RV types: your family grows, you need more or less space, you want more amenities, etc. Take a good look at the RV you currently have to see if it’s meeting all of your needs or if it’s time to make a switch.

Old Age & Costly Repairs

We become emotionally attached to our RVs. It makes sense – we create lasting memories in them, and it’s difficult to let our trusty unit go. But the reality is, if your RV has many broken components and outdated features, or if it’s costing significant money to repair pretty frequently, selling could be a good option. 

High Mileage 

Have you put serious miles on your RV thanks to many adventures? Great! That’s the whole point of owning an RV. But, if you’re looking to use your current unit to help pay for an upgrade, you’ll need to consider mileage. RVs that have a higher mileage are worth less than units with comparable features. If your RV has a lot of miles, you may want to sell it before repairs are required or the value depreciates.

Not Using Your RV

If your RV is collecting dust and you haven’t made plans to travel with it in a while, it might be a good idea to consider selling your unit. You could be sitting on a pretty penny and another family could get great use out of your RV if it’s in good condition. In addition to what you’ll earn in the sale, you’ll also save money with the end of insurance, storage fees, and maintenance costs.  

High Market Demand

RVing has never been more popular, and some dealerships are struggling with low inventory. When your used RV is in high demand, you can sell it at a premium price. Keep an eye on consumer trends and sell when the market is hot (hint: it’s HOT right now!). It’s also a great idea to consider the seasonality of RVing. Many RVers travel in the spring and summer months, so it’s a good plan to put up your listing before these peak times. Selling on a nationwide marketplace like RV Trader makes it easy to reach these eager RV shoppers thanks to millions of monthly site visitors.

If it’s the right time for you to sell your used RV, we hope you list your unit for sale on RV Trader’s nationwide online marketplace. From now until the end of the year, you can get 25% off your for-sale listing when you enter promo code SELL25. 


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Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan is a Content Curator for Trader Interactive, serving the recreational brands RV Trader and Cycle Trader. Her mission is to provide thoughtful, practical content to those who are always on the hunt for their next adventure.

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  1. Asked locally and they said the demand for 5th wheels is diminished. We have a 2013 Keystone Fuzion Toyhauler. Have you noticed what is in most demand now?

    1. Looking for a toyhauler about that year. What do you have ,cond.and price. Also ,location.
      We have a 2017 Heartland Gateway,5th wheel,5 slide 42′ bunkhouse,we are going to sell.
      Thanks in advance, Ron

  2. I have a 2004 hitchhiker delucks 32 feet real good condition and a 2006 super duty dezel they can go together or alone

    1. It’s deluxe and diesel!!!! C’mon man buyers will think you are illiterate & therefore how could you have taken care of an RV !!

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