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RVs 4 MDs Helps Front Line Healthcare Workers and First Responders During COVID-19

With all that’s going on in the world today, it can be hard to find the positive. But in the midst of these trying times, people all over the world are stepping up to show kindness to others in big ways.

An online movement has recently begun in light of COVID-19, and what started out as a wife’s simple request to help her family, has quickly grown into a global campaign of action. Emily Phillips is married to ER Physician Dr. Jason Phillips and took to Facebook in mid-March to ask family and friends for help in finding a temporary housing solution for her husband. Working in the ER, Jason had been exposed to many germs and infections and that was worrisome to his family. Once Emily’s Facebook post was live, a friend connected her to Holly Haggard and later that same day, the Phillips’ family received an RV from the Haggards for Jason to use as temporary housing during the pandemic.

From there RVs 4 MDs was born.

RVs 4 MDs is a now a Facebook group that has grown to 24,000 members (and rising) that is used as a free “matching service” to connect RV owners to front line medical/healthcare workers and first responders that are in need of temporary housing to quarantine due to the coronavirus. Since the Facebook group’s creation on March 24th, RVs 4 MDs is now matching donors and recipients in all 50 states, Canada, Australia, and Dubai.

“It doesn’t matter how you vote, or what your race, religion, or social status is… this is all about love and kindness,” said Holly Haggard, founder of RVs for MDs. “This is what America should be about. Complete strangers coming together, offering help to someone they’ve never met, and changing lives forever. I didn’t give it a second thought. We had my Mom’s camper in the shop, so I checked with her first to make sure it was ok, and then contacted Emily to tell her she could use it for as long as she liked. The only thing I asked of her, was to please pay it forward.”
RVs for MDs is run entirely by volunteers to help front line heroes during the COVID-19 crisis and we are grateful to see that one simple act of kindness has spread into a global movement.

Have an RV and Want to help?


If your RV isn’t currently in use, now is a great time to help others in need. The first step in becoming an RV donor is to join the RVs for MDs public Facebook group, and then complete and submit this designated Google Form.


Front line medical workers and first responders who are in need of an RV are also encouraged to join the public Facebook group and complete this Google Form.

From there, the forms will be viewed by RVs for MDs volunteers and the matching process will begin. While you’re waiting to be matched, RVs for MDs encourages potential donors and recipients to enter their city or state into the search bar in the Facebook group, to start connecting with others in their area. Once they have found a match, the donor and recipient work out the specific details and arrangements together. No money is exchanged, as the group is based solely on donations.

For more information or to begin the RV matching process, visit:


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Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan
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