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Did You Know? 

National Mountain Climbing Day is Tuesday, August 1st! 

To celebrate this incredible part of the great outdoors and, of course, National Mountain Climbing Day itself, we’ve compiled a list of some truly unbelievable peaks you’ve got to see – and maybe even try climbing one day! Have you ever RV’d to any of these mountains before? Comment and let us know and tag us in your pictures – you just might get featured on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages!


Location: California

Highest Elevation: 14,497 ft.
The highest point in both the United States and the Sierra Nevada,  Mount Whitney is known by many hikers as one of the steepest, most difficult ranges to climb in the continental United States.
Location: Washington
Highest Elevation: 14,411 ft.
The highest point in the Pacific Northwest region, this location is home to one of the most potentially dangerous volcanoes in the world. un fact: the mountain was actually temporarily renamed Mt. Seattle Seahawks for one month in 2014 until the end of Super Bowl XLVIII.
Location: Colorado
Highest Elevation: 14,259 ft.
Located along the Rocky Mountains, Longs Peak is considered one of Colorado’s most frequented locations for mountain climbers. The Keyhole route is the most popular, and is often crowded — but most highly recommended, as the rest of the routes are often far too challenging for novice climbers.
Location: Oregon
Highest Elevation: 11,239 ft.
With a partially active volcano, Mount Hood is one of Oregon’s most popular peaks, overlooking miles of lush green forests. he highest peaks aren’t recommended for beginners, but if you can make it up there the picturesque views are something you need to see in person at some point in your life.
Location: California
Highest Elevation: 8,839 ft.
Located in the Yosemite Valley, Half Dome Mountain is actually exactly what it sounds like – an enormous, granite dome that formed into a peculiar shape over time. Hikes on the Dome are extremely popular and permits to climb it are distributed through a lottery system.
Image Credit: New York Times / Ethan Todras-Whitehill
Location: Washington (North Cascades National Park)
Highest Elevation: 6,102 ft.
Nestled in the northern Cascades, this gorgeous peak is surrounded by acres upon acres of healthy greenery, the peak itself is largely desolate, mostly populated only be gravel and rocky terrain.

Location: Maine (Baxter State Park)
Highest Elevation: 5,269
Named by the Penobscot Indians, this peak’s name literally translates to “The Great Mountain.” 
It even has a musical claim to fame, having inspired a piano sonata. 

Image: Roadtrippers
Location: Virginia (Shenandoah Valley National Park)
Highest Elevation: 4,011
Settled atop a peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains, ‘Stony Man’ has been a popular photo stop for tourists for years. If you do reach the top, the grandeur of the Shenandoah Valley might leave you speechless, so be sure to take a picture and encourage your friends and family to do the same.
Have you hiked any of these mountains before, or RV’d to visit them or their surrounding areas?
What mountain range inspired you the most? 
Comment and let us know!


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  1. Our favorite mountains are the Grand Tetons. You drive through the valley and on the west side of the valley here is this magnificent range of mountains that just tower over you. Amazing!!

  2. The Olympics range in north west Washington are spectacular even though they may not be as tall as other mountain ranges, they rise from sea level vistas which make them magnificent.

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