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The Perfect RV Valentine’s Day

As we wrap up the holiday season and Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, panic mode tends to set-in once you realize that you have yet to make any plans for the big day. Well, go ahead and take a deep breath, because lucky for you we went ahead and put together an all-inclusive plan, so you don’t have to! With a home on wheels that can take you almost anywhere, you can get a little creative and show your special someone just how much you care. So kick back with a heart-shaped box of chocolates and check out these great ideas for your romantic RV Valentine’s Day.
Visit a Nearby Destination
Although we all love a nice muddy hike through the mountains, it’s nice to get cleaned up and out of the RV every once in a while, especially for such a fun occasion as Valentine’s Day. If you’re on the road or are a full-time RVer, do a little research on nearby towns to see if there are any opportunities for fun activities that you might otherwise miss out on. If you’re at home, use this as an opportunity to pack up the RV and take your loved one to a nearby destination that’s suitable for a nice weekend trip.  Visiting someplace new keeps things exciting and will help make your Valentine’s Day one to remember.
Enjoy a Romantic Picnic for Two
You don’t have to hit the road to create a wonderful RV Valentine’s Day! If you decide to “stay in” and hang out at your campsite, try out some new activities together. See if you can find a nearby hiking trail or scenic vista in the area and surprise your special someone to a romantic picnic made just for two! You can gather up a delicious assortment of your loved one’s favorite foods and enjoy your time together as you take in the view.
Cook Their Favorite Meal
Nothing says love like slaving over the tiny stove in your RV to make a meal just for your sweetheart! There are so many different options for cooking up a delicious dinner for the two of you to enjoy.  Try adding some Valentine’s flair to your gourmet RV dining experience by making a chocolate or strawberry inspired dessert. Or better yet, both! For even more yummy recipe ideas suited for cooking in an RV or over a campfire, check out RV Trader’s “On The Go” Recipes board on Pinterest!
Cozy Up By the Fire
Once you have savored your delicious dinner, keep the festivities going. There are all kinds of romantic options waiting for you, thanks to your RV! What could be more romantic than driving to an overlook and watching the sun set with the one you love? If your site permits, you could even finish your day with a nice, intimate campfire. Gather some firewood, a cozy blanket, and reflect on your amazing day together. I don’t know about you, but we would rather have s’mores than candy hearts any day! And to top it all off, end the night by enjoying your home on wheels by settling in, cuddling up, and watching a nice romantic movie.
We hope you have a wonderful Valentine ’s Day in your RV! And remember, no matter where you go, all that really matters is the one that travels beside you. Let us know how your day goes on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to hear your stories!

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