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FMCA: 6 Benefits of Belonging to FMCA

5 Ways to Make the Most of Roadschooling Your Kids in Your RV

RV travel in 1937 – Old newsreel gives glimpse of early RVing

“One million Americans today are living in homes on wheels” boasts the announcer of an old 1937 newsreel featured on, giving a glimpse back to the early days of the RV lifestyle.

Welcome to 1937 and the RV park of Trailer City, Florida, where over 1000 RVs and their vacationers are relaxing under towering palm trees. Parking is $1 for a week and electricity is 25 cents.

21st century RVers watching this newsreel might have a good laugh…or cringe. No DVD player or Ipods in these tiny early RVs, just the car radio. Probably no air-conditioning either on those hot Florida days.

This old newsreel is quaint, but does make you realize how much RVing has changed in 70 years, and how it is still about the adventure of the open road.


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