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5 Tips for Outfitting an RV for Roadschooling

Expert Tips for Planning a Magical RV Trip to Disney World Aims to Drive RV Enthusiasts Wild with a Website Redesign, an online showroom of over 85,000 recreational vehicles across the US and a division of Trader Publishing Company has undergone a website redesign in an attempt to simplify the search process for RV buyers and posting an ad for RV sellers.

Among the alterations to the website is a Quick Search function on the homepage, allowing visitors to begin their search immediately upon entering the site. This function appears above the fold so that it is easy to spot.

Another improvement is a Browse feature that allows buyers to see results by class, location, manufacturer, and also by dealer. Results can be formatted and featured by listing, photo gallery, or tabular view. The Browse feature is ideal for buyers who aren’t yet sure what they would like to see in a recreational vehicle. Each results page provides “bread-crumbs” to lead the user back to a more general results page so that they may continue to browse under different criteria.

Finally, buyers and sellers can find a table containing resources for their recreational vehicles on every page of the website. recognizes the importance of recommending services like insurance quotes, warranty, escrow, financing, parts & accessories, campgrounds and rental services.

Scott Vollmer, the Business Development Manager of shares his feelings on the website redesign, “this is a long-awaited change that we have been developing and testing for months. After nearly 5 years of the same website design, we’re ready for a new approach and more streamlined maneuverability for our users.” is the leading online classified ad service bringing RV buyers and sellers together in one virtual marketplace with over 500,000 unique visitors per month,(WebTrends, 2005). Advertising their inventory on, dealers and independent owners alike are reaching RV enthusiasts who are interested in researching and purchasing new and used recreational vehicles online.

Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, is part of’s network of websites covering new and used vehicle categories such as boats, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, aircraft, equipment and collector car vehicles, and general merchandise. is a division of Trader Publishing Company, the nation’s largest distributor of photo-classified ad publications. For more information about, call toll-free 888-813-7304 or visit


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