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2015 T@B Sofitel CS-S B@sic, 2015 T@B B@sic CS-S Whoever said you can't have your cake and eat it too? Take the CS and S and you get a clamshell with a wetbath! Now you can enjoy all of the benefits of the clamshell with the convenience of a toilet and shower.The CS-S provides the largest cooking area and storage capabilities within the T@B line. It is perfect for those that really enjoy doing nearly everything outdoors. The Basic is equipped with a custom sink/2 burner stove combo, 12V Fridge, silverware drawer, T@B-logoed cutting board, 12V and 110 outlets, screen door, 11 gallon fresh water tank, 19 gallon grey water tank, 6 gallon black water tank and Alde system. The Alde system is a 110 and propane powered tankless hot water heater and space heater.
Haydocy Airstream and RV
Columbus, OH
Call 1-855-719-4079